Current Projects

Rita has a lovely out-the-window garden. The birds and bees come to frolic in the purple blooms mid-morning on. It was a delight to work in this garden. I weeded, pruned, trimmed hedges, and mulched. The final result was a well-groomed garden.

The next adventure for this garden is to prepare for fall by removing the final summer blooms and adding in a few fall favorites to keep color as the summer comes to a close.

Good ideas are to add: Goldenrod, Senna bush, something from the Aster family, or Euphorbia. All will keep the spark that is there now and are low-maintenance.

gardenhedges pre weeding slope


2 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Thanks again for all your help with our garden and yard. I’m amazed at the difference… I smile and relax every time I see our garden (instead of feeling worried about what I am not getting done). For anyone reading this, I highly recommend Nedra’s services!!! She is patient, kind, creative and more 🙂

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