Lichen and moss



I enjoy a walk in nature. Collection of creative thoughts unfold with each step. Exuberant energy from the trees overhead, the chirping birds, and delicate sunlight wakes up my senses. And discovery of tiny gifts of nature like lichen and moss. Two ancient types of plant life lay along my path. This photo is but one example of what delighted me on the walk.



Euphorbias are quite intriguing.  I first encountered them when I lived in Seattle, as they were a staple in front yard gardens.  Undeniably each time I walked past one, my hands on auto-pilot, reached for a squeeze.  They look like friendly space creatures.  Here’s a link to a photo gallery of “Don’s Hardy Euphorbias”:

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As time elaspses and the resources from which our forests have been supplied fail, we too shall out of necessity be more and more convienced for the significance of the seed.

Henry Thoreau, Faith in a Seed

Thank you sir!

Yard Art Walk-about

In the beginning there was not coldness and darkness, there was fire, the flame has lit up the whole world from within…”  Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit anthropologist wrote in “The Mass on the World”.  This is what I think about as I enjoy a constitutional walk through my neighborhood, it is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and connect with my community.  I kind of dig it!  Walking allows for the slowed-down, unfolding of things like being able to observe two squirrels chase each other around the trunk of a tree up into the branches that car rides fail to offer.  On this walk-about I decided to capture the still scenes of both nature and art.  One reflecting the other in a symbiotic relationship, not sure where the reflection began; in the art or in nature or in the observing.

Maple leaf extravaganza!  A sidewalk lined by 10 Maple trees, burgeoning on this side of yellow becoming orange becoming red!  (I see the fire!)  My path to a happy stroll.  The scent in the air lifted me to heights unknown; vanilla mixed with sweet maple resin and a touch of musk- delicious.

What started the walk-about?  It was this delightful creation! yard art walk fest 003 The base of these structures are not visible.  But branches and trunks intertwined and anchored in tree stumps and a remaining post.  It was cleverly designed to beautify and re-use materials.  Hardware was not visible and the lines are simple and clean.  I like the use of leftover tree branches and rocks to make to bird bath and perch look like a native environment.

toppled alien seed pod

This is an all time favorite.  The scale creates a whimsical world where nature is at the top of the hierarchy and individuals are incidental and purely for decoration.



The walk ended with….

…it just does not get any better than this!