Container Pots

Plants thrive in Georgia with about 3700 species of plants and a mild climate it makes a perfect place for year-round gardening. 

Blue bear grass, Loropetalum/ chinese fringe, pink Muhly grass, camellia sasanqua Bonanza, hellebore, veronica George Blue, Akebia, and a gardenia.   The herbs are basil, chives, oregano, thyme, and sage.


transform to make it home

Home.  This word mean different things to every individual.  For me it is a place of safety, comfort, reflection of the self/ selves who inhabit it, a place to entertain and share life and love with friends and family, a human right, a place to get centered, a place filled with hope.

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The kitchen is to inspire a country farmhouse.  The soft yellow and strong shade of blue gave it dimension and set the scene.  The cabinets doors were removed and painted shade of white in flat paint.  This opened the space and allowed light to enter the room and gave frames for sets of dishes, glassware, cook books, teas and spices to rest. 

Stripes of mustard yellow and green to the a shade of raspberry on the walls.  The stripes were uneven in width and unevenly distributed around the room. 

The bathroom was to be warm and elegant.  A soothing space to calm after the day in a hot shower or bath.  Hooks were added to hang white towels that looked smashing on the wall.

Vamp it up!

White walls are great in a museum and can be inspiring for some people to create like Georgia O’Keeffe, she like white walls.  But for some they can seem to sterile.

To add warmth; talked with tenet to get an understanding of what she wanted to create with her space.  She wanted a place to entertain, to relax, and a place to display artisan work from her home country of Peru.

The way I accomplished this was to design a method to display different sized tapestries to hang, select colors that would connect the room to the art work, and paint the walls in a way to maintain openness and invite simultaneously.

creating a home office

With more people working from home, according to a survey conducted by the Dieringer Research Group, the number of employed Americans who performed any kind of work from home, with a frequency range from as little as 1 day a year to full-time, grew from 41.3 million in 2003 to 44.4 million in 2004, a 7.5 percent growth rate. 

With this becoming increasingly an important trend to note, putting thought behind designing a home office is important to increase productivity, efficiency, motivation, and organization. 

A new client wants to organize office a home office.  After listening to him,  we sat down and developed a plan to make his home a place to entertain and relax and an office a place to work and host meetings.

Here are the steps I used to conceptualize our plan of action: 

  1. Sit in the room(s) up for change.  Let the space reveal itself to you by taking notice of its features.  (windows, natural and artificial light, passage ways, etc)
  2. Decide what is the best use the room resources; walls, closets, windows, shelves, etc.
  3. Clean out unwanted, unnecessary and unused items in closets and organize remaining itesm.  Localize office and work materials.
  4. Make a plan to put in place with priorities, possibilities, and a strategy to actualize the plan. 
  5. Find the materials for the room and make a timeline.

Here is where I’ve found inspiration: