The second headboard was designed using upholstery swatches from Crate and Barrel. Together they make an interesting mix of design and colors. I stretched the fabric over pieces of wood and used a staple gun to fix them in place.


broken branch

Last nights storms pelted my window melodiously.  Walking the neighborhood today I saw a cherry blossom branch that didn’t make it through the night.  In the spirit of not letting anything go to waste, I picked it up, brought it home, put them into vases and scattered them about the house.

These blossoming trees were given to the United States in 1912 from the then mayor of Tokyo, Mayor Yukio Ozaki.  3,020 were given to represent the budding friendship between the US and Japan.  You can see varieties throughout Seattle but exploring the Japanese Gardens is a great way to see the many cultivars that exists. http://www.cityofseattle.net/parks/parkspaces/japanesegarden.htm#about

The flowering cherry tree is known as ‘Sakura‘ in Japanese.  The fruiting tree comes from some of the other 200 cultivars.  The flowering cherry tree has strong symbolism; it connotes the ephemeral nature of life.  You find the blossoms depicted in nationalistic art, poetry, music, anime, etc.  I grew up with cherry blossoms in my yard in Georgia, that memory is stimulated time and time again here during Spring.

…all from one branch came these simple cuttings of beauty.  Once the buds fall, I’m going to see if the branches will propoigate.  If so, there will be about 9 up and coming trees.


Vamp it up!

White walls are great in a museum and can be inspiring for some people to create like Georgia O’Keeffe, she like white walls.  But for some they can seem to sterile.

To add warmth; talked with tenet to get an understanding of what she wanted to create with her space.  She wanted a place to entertain, to relax, and a place to display artisan work from her home country of Peru.

The way I accomplished this was to design a method to display different sized tapestries to hang, select colors that would connect the room to the art work, and paint the walls in a way to maintain openness and invite simultaneously.