Home Composting

A benefit of gardening is that it can incorporate home composting.  Composting closes a loop in the food chain and is a huge step towards increasing personal and family sustainability practices.  Making leftovers useful by giving nutrients back to the earth.  Ready-made systems are available so home gardeners only need to decide which system is best suited to their eating habits and space.

Composted material, also known as humus, is dark, nutrient rich and earthy smelling.  Humus is perfect for soil amendment because it enhances soil structure.  humus enables sandy soil to hold more water, and clay soil to drain more water.  Improved soil provides a home for bacteria, fungi, and earthworms, allows for better breakdown of its components and carbon sequestration.

Common home composting systems include worm bins, food digesters, tumblers and bins of various other configurations.  Once gardeners begin using a system, they will quickly begin to receive the benefits of home composting with nominal effort.


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