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transform to make it home

Home.  This word mean different things to every individual.  For me it is a place of safety, comfort, reflection of the self/ selves who inhabit it, a place to entertain and share life and love with friends and family, a human right, a place to get centered, a place filled with hope.

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The kitchen is to inspire a country farmhouse.  The soft yellow and strong shade of blue gave it dimension and set the scene.  The cabinets doors were removed and painted shade of white in flat paint.  This opened the space and allowed light to enter the room and gave frames for sets of dishes, glassware, cook books, teas and spices to rest. 

Stripes of mustard yellow and green to the a shade of raspberry on the walls.  The stripes were uneven in width and unevenly distributed around the room. 

The bathroom was to be warm and elegant.  A soothing space to calm after the day in a hot shower or bath.  Hooks were added to hang white towels that looked smashing on the wall.