weekend with permaculture now!

Last weekend Jenny Pell of Permaculture Now! http://www.permaculturenow.com/

sought out individuals to work with her to start an urban homestead.  The yard was in stage 2 of the transformation when 3 thrill seekers joined her.  Our tasks was to prep 3 areas for sheet mulching and then sheet mulch.

Q:  What is sheet mulching?

A:   Is a composting method used directly on the planned planting ground as a way to improve the condition of the soil.  Layers of nitrogen and carbon are added and both oxygen and water as well to help growing bacteria to breakdown the layers.

Here is a complete description of the process:  http://extension.oregonstate.edu/lane/sites/default/files/documents/Lasagna.pdf

We added: layers of cardboard, manure, compost, and fertile mulch.  We soaked each layer with water.  I’ve also sheet mulched with newspaper and leaves.  Use whatever organic materials you have at hand.

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