5 doable things

Media is a buzz with the word ‘sustainable’.  Simple actions on a regular basis is all it takes. 

Here is a song to inspire.  Music tunes the heart, mind and spirit…re-center, re-focus, re-mind, re-form, re-generate what was there all along.


Alexi Murdoch, Slow Revolution

5 doable things:

1.  Run errands in your neighborhood and walk as you do them.  Don’t forget to smile, to share the sidewalk, and to say hello to people you pass.

2.  Have conversations with friends to come up with new ideas.

3.  Coveting your friends kickin’ jeans, have a clothing swap cocktail hour.  They may be up for trading. 

4.  Food dying in your refrigerator?  Ask a neighbor if they’d like your carrots, give them to the guy living down the block on the corner, ask someone over for dinner, figure out a situation that works for you. 

5.  Compost food at home.  It is free, no payment for the service required.


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